We are lactose intolerant and have a passion for making delicious non-dairy, plant-based foods that transform and rebuild society with healthier local food production practices. We know that real, fresh and healthy foods, without chemicals, support healthier outcomes for all people and mama earth! This is why we value slow food, and the time it takes us to maintain a healthy organic vegetable-fruit garden and compost in our backyard.


Our inspiration for RAW, unpasteurized coconut nice cream developed out of our desire to create the creamiest non-dairy ice cream without the strong presence of artificial coconut flavor. We also had a need to rebel against oppressive, broken food structures and to re-build trusted food structures that promote collective and self-determination, to revitalize and honor our health. kubé defies artificial food norms by creating new practices that protect the integrity of RAW, cold-pressed coconut cream to make our nice cream. We are the emerging leaders in the RAW, coconut cream industry who will never use toxic, synthetic chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.


Surprisingly, RAW, unpasteurized coconut cream is very mild in coconut flavor. Most people in the United States do not know this because they have never made or experienced raw coconut cream from mature coconuts. Raw coconut cream is thrilling and audacious, and has its own story. It is very smooth, creamy, and silky like the texture of dairy, heavy whipping cream.  Until kubé, no one has taken the time required to learn and uplift RAW coconut cream onto a new platform.


Raw coconut cream is clever and challenges conventional wisdom. It is disruptive to the status quo controlling coconut cream production with chemicals in the pasteurization process. Raw coconut cream is transformative and heroic, smart and sophisticated, and maintains the nutrients and health properties that make coconut well sought for: anti-inflammatory, excellent medium-chain fatty-acids, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. RAW coconut cream works in harmony with other mama earth plants, and absorbs the intended plant-based flavor to make elegant, clean, fresh, bold, and true flavors of nice cream, such as key lime, dark chocolate chip, salted caramel and cream, lemon-ginger, vanilla bean, orange zest, cardamom, and mint chip with no strong presence of coconut flavor. This is what makes kubé unique and memorable!


kubé (Koo-bay) means "coconut" in the Twi language from Ghana. During a trip, to visit family in Ghana, we ate coconuts on a daily basis and felt inspired to reconnect with the amazing health properties of mature, RAW coconut fruit. When we returned back to California, we were excited to prepare fresh, RAW coconut fruit, RAW cold-pressed coconut cream, coconut milk, and coconut nice cream.



We call it NICE CREAM because it is nice to the belly and waistline.

The medium-chain fatty acids inside of coconut cream are easily digested by the stomach, and readily metabolized by the liver for increased energy. Scientists reveal that medium-chain fatty acids in coconut cream do not have any cholesterol, do not get stored as fat in the body, and will speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight if trying.



kubé is leading the next inclusive and full-circle regenerative economy with vegan coconut ice cream manufacturing that inspires, awakens, and transforms lives. We focus on our triple bottom line of restorative economics and food justice, racial/gender equity, and ecology. We will be hiring returning citizens in 2021 to restore their value and dignity within the plant-based food economy.

kubé exits to restore life, health, JOY, dignity, and equity back to people, animals, the soil.


To transform the coconut ice cream industry locally and internationally with regenerative food models without synthetic chemicals to restore life, health, joy, dignity, and equity back to people, animals, and the soil. 


We value food justice, integrity, health & wellness, excellent hygienic product operations and processes, an ethnically-nclusive and gender-inclusive workforce, teamwork, funding good jobs and by-products to create regenerative soil