This is What Freedom

Tastes Like

Artisanal plant-based ice cream that liberates 
people, animals, and soil from systems of abuse. 

Vegan • Non-Dairy • Made in Oakland • Black Woman-Owned

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Why Is It So Hard To Find Ice Cream As Vibrant As You Are?

Mass-produced ice cream just isn’t cutting it. Old-school dairy doesn’t work for most adults’ bellies. Plus it harms mama cows and the environment. GMO plant-based ice cream is Frankenstein food. But most non-dairy ice cream is just boring and bland. 

Too many non-dairy ice creams:

➤ Have an icey, airy texture

➤ Are full of hidden preservatives and chemicals

➤ Make your belly hurt or leaving you feeling gross

➤ Feel like soft rubber in your mouth

➤ Bore you with dull, bland flavors

➤ Do nothing to help your local community

➤ Taste too much like coconut

➤ Care more about shelf-life than about quality

➤ Perpetuate systems of oppression


You Deserve to Taste The Truth

Our liberation ice cream exists for the sake of social transformation. You can taste the difference.

Here’s what you get with kubé:

IMG_20170321_222635-01 (1).jpeg

Cold-Pressed Coconut

With our patented equipment, we crack, shred, and cold-press mature coconuts to make the creamiest coconut cream. Kubé is the only product on the market that uses locally fresh-pressed coconuts. 

Real Mama Earth Flavors

We make all our flavors from fresh fruits, seeds, roots, and essential oils. Fresh coconut cream has almost no coconut taste, so our bold, bright, earth-based flavors shine through.

Dignity For Your Community

Avoiding dairy shouldn’t mean you’re left out of the joy of ice cream. We’re also upending other unjust dynamics, by hiring formerly incarcerated women and creating black-owned manufacturing.

Warrior Goddess Power

Our nice cream carries the energy of Warrior Goddesses from around the world who defend and restore life. Taste the beauty, and power of Asase Yaa, Durga, Osun, Sekhmet, and others.


Here’s What kubé Will Never Make You Deal With:

Additives & Preservatives   |   Common Allergens   |   Artificial Flavors or Colors   |   Sodium Metabisulfite

Exploitation of Mama Earth & Her Peoples   |   Systemic Injustice 

Cruelty to Animals   |   Subpar Non-Dairy Products 


No Dairy        |        No Peanuts        |        No Soy        |        No Gluten        |        No Eggs        |        No GMOs

No Shellfish        |        No Seafood        |        No Chemicals        |        No Preservatives        |        No Sodium Metabisulfites


We Understand How It Feels To Want More Joy — and Justice 

Hi. We’re Nee-Nueh and Kai Nortey, founders and owners of kubé. We’re lactose intolerant, and were sick of mediocre non-dairy ice cream with strong artificial flavors. Like you, we are also troubled by oppressive, broken food structures and knew there was a better way. That’s why we created kubé: To elevate all your senses to inspire, awaken, and transform you after eating it! Kubé is also building economic models that restore value and purpose to historically oppressed people. We exist to rebuild and transform.

Get Your Joy

The People Love kubé.

Meet A Few Of Our Superfans...

“I almost went to heaven, real quick because it was that delicious.”

“I put it in my mouth and then I had a food orgasm.”

“Literally like velvet.”

“It’s straight-up delicious ice cream. The fact that it’s non-dairy is even better.”

Get Your Joy

Here’s How to Get

kubé Liberation Ice Cream




Wait for a Sale

We aren’t kidding when we say “small batch.” For now, you can order kubé online once a month, towards the end of each month. We announce the sale date and time on our Instagram and via our email list at least 5 days in advance. Set your alarms, because we usually sell out within 24 hours.

Pick Up Your Order

Once you place your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email with driving directions to our commercial kitchen in Oakland. During your designated pickup time window, come by in person to get the goods. Don’t forget to stock up; we hear kubé doesn’t stay in the freezer long..

Enjoy The Sweet Taste of Freedom

Get ready for a party in your mouth. Our fresh coconut nice cream has the creamiest clean, bold flavors. Because you deserve more joy in your life. 

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Which Flavor Will Brighten Your Day?

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Toasted Pecan & Salted Caramel_1
Toasted Pecan & Salted Caramel_1
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Goddess EmpowerMINT_1
Goddess EmpowerMINT_1
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Madagascar Vanilla_1
Madagascar Vanilla_1
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Lemon Ginger
Lemon Ginger

Description This immunity boost is a combination of cold-pressed lemon-juice, inside coconut cream with real spicy ginger slices. Not too tart, just lightly tart to allow ginger to shine through. It's the real deal! Ingredients (Non-GMO): Artisan-Made Cold-Pressed Coconut Cream, Filtered Water, Cold-Pressed Lemon Juice, Cold-Pressed Lemon Rind Oil, Ginger, Organic Light Agave, Guar Gum.

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Toasted Pecan & Salted Caramel
Toasted Pecan & Salted Caramel

Description “keep loving, again” Salted caramel is swirled in rich Madagascar vanilla cream, with buttery notes on top of toasted pecans. Ingredients (Non-GMO): Artisan-made Cold-Pressed Coconut Cream, Filtered Water, Organic Light Agave, Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Toasted Pecans, Vegan Salted Caramel (Organic Cane Sugar, Coconut Cream, Sea Salt, Vanilla Extract), Guar Gum. Allergy Alert: CONTAINS NUTS

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Goddess EmpowerMINT
Goddess EmpowerMINT

“love mama earth like you love women” Smooth, creamy, and savory, with real peppermint to wake you up to the connection between mama earth and humanity. Ingredients (Non-GMO): Artisan-Made Cold-Pressed Coconut Cream, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Food Grade Peppermint Oil, Organic Light Agave, Guar Gum.

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Madagascar Vanilla
Madagascar Vanilla
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Image by Juno Jo

Lisa Marie G. 
Blackberry Holistic Academy

"When I tasted this product, it made me cry! Why? Because I finally found a non-dairy dessert that was so delicious and made with so much love. Seriously, it is the best THING I have ever eaten!"

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Image by Juno Jo

Miyoko S. 
Miyoko’s Kitchen

"I haven't tasted flavors this bold and pronounced from any other ice cream brand. It is truly unique. There is no detectable coconut taste, and it's just sweet enough for the flavors to sing through. Smooth, dense, creamy — it is truly a premium dessert.

Image by Juno Jo

Osunfemi Wanbi Nejeri 
The Prosperity Movement

"kubé nice cream is my family’s first choice for an ice cream, dessert really. It’s so creamy and bursting with flavor! There are so many benefits to the coconut without a strong coconut taste. It’s healthy, tastes divine, and it’s a family business! That’s a winning combination for me and my family."

What Your Community is Saying About 
kubé Non-Dairy Nice Cream

Meet Our Community Partners

Rebuilding our economic systems isn’t something we can do alone. Meet our partner organizations helping us bring you the taste of freedom.

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mandela logo.jpeg
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Most non-dairy ice cream sucks. Kubé’s small-batch coconut nice cream is a delicious revolution in your mouth.

At kubé, we know you want to be awakened, joyful, and free. In order to do that, you need to find dessert options you can feel good about. 
The problem is, the system isn’t set up to work for most people. Most adults are lactose intolerant and many others choose to avoid dairy for ethical reasons, but non-dairy ice cream choices suck. They taste too much like coconut, are icey or feel like rubber bands in your mouth, make your belly hurt because of the preservatives, and have boring, dull flavors. And most companies aren’t helping bring joy and color to your local community. It’s enough disappointment to make you numb out to it all.

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We believe you shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre flavor and companies that don’t care. We understand how it feels to want more joy and more inspiration. Like you, we are troubled by companies who only care about their bottom line and will give you crappy products.
That’s why we’ve spent the last 7+ years perfecting kubé coconut nice cream, made in small batches with fresh, cold-pressed coconut and real Mama Earth flavors. Just preorder online, pick it up at our commercial kitchen in Oakland, and enjoy the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted. The social, environmental, and economic justice is included.
Stop settling for blah and feeding a broken system. Instead, get kubé nice cream so you can taste the liberation and free yourself.


Got Questions? We Have Answers.

We are a two person team and doing our best to fulfill all our orders. This is why it is important to have investments to help us grow and make kubé available for everyone


Taste The Liberation and Free Yourself

Kubé cold-pressed coconut ice cream is the awakening you didn’t know you needed. We use patented equipment to crack our own raw coconuts and only use fresh, real ingredients. That means kubé tastes creamier and fresher. And our commitments to zero waste, regenerative agriculture, and social justice mean the party in your mouth never comes with an aftertaste of exploitation. 






Restore JOY

With a dense, creamy texture and flavors like sunshine on your face, kubé brings a party in every bite. Break out the glitter and rainbows.

Restore HEALTH

No preservatives, no additives, no weird chemicals. Just pure Mama Earth goodness full of real nutrients
and healthy, plant-based fats.


Restore LIFE

Our products liberate mama cows by using only organic coconuts. We compost all our waste to urban gardens in East Oakland, CA. 


Through our partnership with the Young Women’s Freedom Center in San Francisco, we offer good jobs to formerly incarcerated women.

Restore EQUITY

We believe everyone deserves access to life’s joys. Our nice cream works for the 70–95% of BIPOC and Eastern European people who are lactose intolerant.

Taste the Liberation

Don’t settle for mediocre ice cream and a system built on injustice. Kubé’s bold, beautiful flavors taste like freedom and restore life to people, animals, and the soil. 

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