kubé is a Black women owned, vegan ice cream manufacturer, in Oakland, California that is building the next generation of the BEST TASTING plant-based ice cream, without synthetic chemical preservatives (No Sodium Metabisulfite).


We have secured a 5,000 SF manufacturing facility with retail in the front, in Oakland, California. We will become an economic anchor participating in the Slow Food Movement within the city of Oakland. With patented equipment, and automatic coconut equipment, we crack, shred, and cold-press mature coconut cream. Then, we blend fresh-pressed coconut cream with plant-based, organic ingredients, to make the BEST TASTING, non-dairy ice cream, without synthetic chemicals. Customers are surprised that they can not detect any coconut flavor in our ice cream; only the clean, organic, and bold plant-based flavors dominate. Customers are amazed at how creamy and smooth kubé is and think they are eating dairy. 

kubé, is leading the next regenerative, inclusive, and health economy. Our triple bottom line is addressing the most critical issues of our time: restorative economics and food justice, racial and gender equity, and environmental sustainability. No other non-dairy ice cream brand has cared enough, to address the real economic inequities of our time the way kubé can, while also making a profit.  kubé inspires, awakens, and transforms lives. We will be hiring formerly incarcerated women of various ethnicities, in 2020, who are survivors of domestic violence, systems abuse, and human trafficking. This group is in need of meaningful employment opportunities that promote personal transformation, and that restore dignity back to themselves.

Kubé makes the most premium plant-based ice cream in 3.5 oz containers to sell at cultural events, corporate events, Oakland PopUPs,  Bay Area Tech companies, and direct-to-consumer via e-commerce and curbside pickup. We are receiving more orders and demand for our product than what we can currently supply and invite investment from values-aligned investors.  


Unlike our competitors in the coconut ice cream space, that import coconut cream from other countries with synthetic chemical preservatives, kubé manufactures coconut cream locally from fresh mature coconuts, without synthetic chemical preservatives, artificial flavoring, or artificial coloring.  


Our solution centers around our sense of urgency to transform the coconut cream industry with new food models that restore health and dignity back to diverse communities and coconut farmers, such as the lactose intolerant population, allergen population, ice cream enthusiasts, and the diverse health-conscious population. Kube is also addressing the structural racism that occurs within the plant-based food industry, where Black manufacturers have been historically excluded from business ownership within the plant-based food industry. kubé is transforming this landscape in the US and plans to be global in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Canada, Ghana, and beyond.

All our coconut byproducts make compost for urban, organic community farms, to create regenerative soil.  This regenerative soil creates nutrient-dense food in food deserts communities and farmers' markets. We give all our byproducts to in East Oakland, California.