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We are joyously striving to be better stewards of Mama Earth. We are constantly refining what this looks like throughout our production process. This is why we do not disregard any of our waste/ byproducts. We have a social responsibility to compost our coconut shells and coconut shreds that have been pressed, and other byproducts from our other fruit and seed ingredients, to organic urban gardens in Oakland, California.


The purpose of kubé is to inspire, awaken, and transform people with restorative and regenerative food systems. We exist to restore life, health, JOY, dignity, and equity back to people, animals, and the soil. We are leading the ethnically inclusive, food-justice and health economy by producing the most authentic and BEST TASTING, non-dairy, fresh-pressed coconut ice cream without synthetic chemicals.

Regenerative Business Model

At kubé, we are building a full circle regenerative business and economy. This means we look at our triple bottom line of economics, equity, and ecology in our local manufacturing business model. We give our waste/coconut byproducts to local urban organic farms, to turn it into a soil resource to grow more food, that is the definition of regenerative.

We have a sense of urgency to build new models of locally resilient food systems and manufacturing. Local vegan ice cream manufacturing restores health, restorative economics, racial and gender equity, integrity, and trusted relationships back to coconut farmers and diverse communities. We do not use chemical preservatives in our product and do not support farmers using agri-chemicals (e.g., glyphosate). The climate crisis requires both socially conscious investors and business owners to build a full circle regenerative business economy that values the triple bottom line of economics, equity, and ecology. kubé is the emerging leader in manufacturing vegan coconut ice cream with a regenerative business model.

Our regenerative business model will be replicated internationally in Ghana, and within the Caribbean as liberation economic models.

kubé will create an ethnically diverse staff such as, mothers returning back to the workforce, people of color who have been excluded from employment and ownership within the plant-based food industry, disabled people, and returning citizens (formerly incarcerated women who are survivors of domestic violence).

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