Why Are We Different?

kubé nice cream is a local artisan producer of mature coconut cream, in the Bay Area, California. kubé is creating a NEW genre of non-dairy, plant-based ice cream. We handcraft small batches of coconut cream to make the creamiest non-dairy coconut nice cream with plant-based ingredients to make clean, fresh, and bold flavors.

Emerging Leader

We are the emerging leader in harnessing the power of fresh-pressed coconut cream. We crack mature coconuts to obtain its fresh coconut cream to make the creamiest texture of coconut nicw cream. As a part of food justice and self-determination, kubé nice cream has invented the appropriate, patented coconut equipment. Yes, we have received a utility patent from the USPTO on our coconut scraper device, and received it in 2020! We also have a state-of-the-art automatic coconut de-shelling (hands-free) machine that will support our efforts to scale sustainably.

Disrupting The Status Quo

kubé nice cream is disrupting the “standard international chemical process” of organic coconut cream and milk, which uses a synthetic bleaching chemical preservative called, Sodium Metabisulfite. This chemical is used as a standard industry practice in the production of coconut cream as a disinfectant, preservative, and bleaching chemical to increase the shelf-life of coconut cream, coconut ice cream, and milk inside a can or carton for many years. In addition, the industry overly processes coconut cream and coconut milk with strong artificial coconut flavoring.

The industry uses Sodium Metabisulfite in the production process because coconut cream turns beige / brown color, when cooked at high temperatures, and then sodium metabisulfite is added to bleach the cream super white for appearance.

In contrast, kubé does NOT use Sodium Metabisulfite in our production methods because we have a food justice model - to create healthier food models that provide healthier life outcomes. Many people are learning that they are allergic to sulfite preservatives and Sodium Metabisulfite causes gastrointestinal and hormonal problems in both animals and humans. Many customers tell us that they can only eat kubé coconut nice cream because not only are our flavors clean and bold, but creamy too, and all other coconut ice cream brands give them stomach aches. Many customers are just learning that they are allergic to Sodium Metabisulfite.

Product Integrity

kubé strongly believes in protecting the integrity of fresh-pressed coconut cream with our healither production methods, and real plant-based ingredients. Cold-pressed coconut cream is the fat from the mature coconut fruit and contains anti-viral properties from lauric, caprylic, and capric acids.